What is an Evocation Triangle?

May 22, 2019 fraterlucath 2

Recently, someone asked me, “what is an evocation triangle?” It took me by surprise at first because it seems so obvious at this point, but in hindsight, I remember being confused by this when I first got involved in the occult too. What is an evocation triangle or a “triangle of art” and what’s the […]

12 Ways To Troubleshoot Spirit Communication

May 12, 2019 fraterlucath 0

This is a guide with 11 ways to troubleshoot spirit communication. A few people lately have asked me how they can develop their senses so that they can have more effect spirit communication. The truth is that the answer to this question really depends on your goals, who you are, and what way you’re approaching […]

Mind State Training For The Occult

May 9, 2019 fraterlucath 9

Mind state training is one of those topics that many budding magickians overlook. Ironically, it’s probably the most important part of magickal training because mind state is a foundational skill for pretty much all occult practice. So, I made a short video to help people to practice getting into a certain mental state (read below […]