Left-Hand Path vs Right-Hand Path

July 15, 2019 fraterlucath 0

Lately, I’ve had a few people ask me about my interpretation of the left-hand path vs right-hand distinction in the occult. And so I figured this would be a good thing to write about because it’s such a nebulous and sometimes confusing topic. Though I’m not the end-all, be-all authority on this topic, I have […]

Sigil Magick Works!

June 26, 2019 fraterlucath 0

As you’ve probably discovered if you read this blog regularly, I’m a big fan of transparency and experimenting with magick. These are also the major reasons that I wanted to blog about magick. So, in that vein, this is a follow-up to a previous post that I did about sigil magick. How Sigil Magick Works […]

What is an Evocation Triangle?

May 22, 2019 fraterlucath 2

Recently, someone asked me, “what is an evocation triangle?” It took me by surprise at first because it seems so obvious at this point, but in hindsight, I remember being confused by this when I first got involved in the occult too. What is an evocation triangle or a “triangle of art” and what’s the […]

The easiest way to summon a demon: pathworking

Easiest Way To Summon A Demon: Pathworking!

March 12, 2019 fraterlucath 9

What’s the easiest way to summon a demon? Pathworking. Though it’s not without it’s quirks, pathworking is far easier than most methods of summoning. But what is pathworking? How does it work? How do you go about using pathworking to easily summon demons? What are some good books to explore pathworking for demonic summoning? Can […]

Preparatory Immersion For Demon Summoning (VIDEO)

February 14, 2019 fraterlucath 7

I just made a YouTube video about preparatory immersion for demon summoning. Check it out below. [And if you’re not able to watch, then just read the text below…] I’m exploring making YouTube videos. I may make a few more, I may not. Leave a comment on YouTube and let me know what you think. […]

Reality Tunneling: Why You Need To Reality Tunnel

February 9, 2019 fraterlucath 2

Reality tunneling is an obscure idea from an obscure author few people have heard of. I don’t hope to change that with this one blog post, but I hope that I can help you to realize why you need to start doing this ideological exploration as a magickian and a human being. What Is Reality […]

What Is Chaos Magick?

February 5, 2019 fraterlucath 4

Many people foolishly think that chaos magick means you should just “do whatever works” or that “everyone is different”. Like any random thing will work for magickal practice… This is a mistaken way of looking at this practice. Chaos Magick = Many Approaches To Magick, Not Everything Works Rather, the key is that there are […]

The Lord’s Prayer Backwards — A Luciferian Perspective

February 5, 2019 fraterlucath 3

Some people claim that saying the Lord’s Prayer backwards will allow you to “unshackle yourself from Christianity” or to evoke Satan. Is that true? Relevant? Purposeful? Or just an OG way to be an edgelord? But before delving into the occult significance of this, let’s think about this for a minute… The Lord’s Prayer As […]