Automatic Writing For Demonic Summoning (VIDEO)

I just posted a video explaining how to do automatic writing for demonic summoning. It’s a fairly straightforward video, but if you’re unable to watch it, feel free to read the text below the video as it’s pretty much what I say in the video (I ad-libbed some lines and added a little more information).

Hi there. In this video, I’m talking about how to do automatic writing for demonic summoning.

In case you don’t know, I’m Frater Lucath.

I made this video because people often seek simple ways to evoke demons and all the videos on this topic are for white magick… Nothing wrong with that, but I think many people don’t realize you can use automatic writing to summon demons.

However, you could use this process for any type of ritual with any type of entity, even an angel, god or goddess, a spirit, or even a pop culture icon. You could even use this for divination, scrying, or many other occult activities. Really, it’s up to you and your magickal tradition… But for simplicity’s sake, I’m going to assume you’re summoning demons if you’re watching this. Just bend this method to your needs…

But let’s dive into the content!

What is automatic writing?

Automatic writing is a process in which one allows their unconscious mind or another entity to write rather than making a conscious choice to write. Scientifically speaking, i’s considered a ideomotor phenomenon like the Ouija board; however, it’s a tried and true method for occult practice.

Why would you want to use automatic writing for demonic summoning?

It’s far easier than trying to see or hear demons. Both of those activities take quite a lot of skill to master and explore. And I know the efficacy of it because I began this way. Also, it makes journaling much easier as your notes are already taken care of — if you can read them that is!

You could also approach pathworking, but automatic writing isn’t much more difficult than pathworking. And it’s a lot more malleable as you don’t have to create or find a pathworking. All you have to do is get into state and let your hand write.

Before we get into the demonic summoning part, let’s start with discussing how to do automatic writing… It’s actually a rather simple process with just a few steps, but this doesn’t mean it’s necessarily easy… There are a few areas people get messed up with…

First, you need to prepare for automatic writing. Have a pen or pencil already ready to write and something to write on ready. There’s no point in getting into state, then having to pop out to get the stuff, then going back into state… It’s a waste of time to do that. And make sure you have a goal in mind like a question or something you’d like more insight into. It’s very hard to just write about nothing.

Next, you need to get into a receptive state. This is probably the hardest part for people new to this kind of work as the state makes or breaks the experience… If you know how to do this already, then just do whatever works best for you.

If you’re new, I recommend practicing meditation or self-hypnosis before going deeper into the occult because it will speed up your learning; however, you will necessarily learn to go into those states if you keep practicing. So, either way is fine… Just know you’ll likely be less frustrated if you start with meditation or hypnosis than if you work on doing rituals as rituals take more effort…

An easy way to go into state is to watch videos on YouTube like this one in the ASMR, meditation, or hypnosis category.

But you’ll really want to learn how to do this for yourself. So, I recommend that you start with something relevant to magick and helpful for learning to scry: candle gazing.

If you’re already using candles in ritual, this is great. If not, just light a candle and stare into the flame.

Focus all of your attention on the flame. If thoughts pop up, that’s okay, just pull your attention back to the flame. Do this for 2-10 minutes until you feel kind of spacey and relaxed. You want to get really close to spacing out, but not quite space out. The longer the better, but once you’re in the right state, you can stop. Keep in mind that the deeper you go without blacking out, the better results you’ll have.

You will likely want to practice this for several days before doing automatic writing as entering these states is a skill that takes some practice.

Once you’re in the state, grab the pen or pencil, put it on the paper, focus on the question, and let your hand write. It may automatically begin right away, it may take a moment. Just retain the state and see what happens without judgement.

You may write gibberish. You may hear the words before or as you write them. You may freely write. Or you may sit there and write nothing. This is a skill and takes time to master. So, allow yourself to just see what happens without judgement.

You may even wish to practice this a few times before doing it in a ritual as you can ask your own mind questions and use automatic writing. It’s something hypnotists have used for centuries to get information from clients.

The biggest hangup people have here, or with these kinds of processes in general, is thinking. Am I doing this right? What’s supposed to happen? Why isn’t this happening? Am I really getting a message or just BSing myself? Etc. are all really unhelpful kinds of thoughts. You need to keep the meditative state and thinking will pull you out of it.

If you have issues with automatic writing, 99% of the time, this is the issue. You probably need to go deeper into state or practice meditation or hypnosis more.

Definitely be critical AFTER the working. That’s a great time for critical thinking and thought.

Now, let’s talk about how to use automatic writing for demonic summoning.

The process is very simple: get into state, evoke demon according to tradition, allow them to speak through you or even possess you if you wish, then write.

We discussed getting into state already. So, hopefully, you have that part down.

Evocation is very much dependent upon your tradition of magickal practice. I do a blend of chaos and Draconian magick usually. So, for me, it’s about lighting some candles, maybe calling the corners as demonic entities, offering a few drops of my own blood on the sigil, then gazing at the sigil and focusing on the entity I’m calling. I sometimes chant the entity’s name or say, “entity name, come”.

You may get a lot out of watching my previous video about preparatory immersion to learn more about how to prepare for summoning…

I think whatever you do is fine as long as it’s something that speaks to you and you have reason to believe will work. I don’t think you need to go to the effort most grimoires suggest. [I do have some articles about how to summon demons on my site if you’re interested in learning more…]

Gazing at the sigil is often very helpful for making a connection with the spirit.

Again, remember that you want to retain state. So, just do it, don’t contemplate it. This messes up everything… This is the reason that Masters and Johnson recommend thinking about things like baseball scores to delay orgasm in sex: analyzing what’s going on will ruin the state. You need to hush the chatter and stay focused.

Remember, all you need to do is just pull your focus back if it wanders. There is no time limit to this process, so take the time you need. It’ll get easier and faster with time.

When they arrive, you should feel it at least emotionally, but you may not—at least at first.

To allow them to write through you, you often just need to think about the question and want their insight. You can of course ask out loud if you wish.

Put the pen on the paper and just let your hand write. You may hear words in your mind or your hand may write of it’s own accord. You want the hand to write by itself to do automatic writing, but ultimately your goal should be connection and the answer. So, however it comes is fine!

But if you wish, you can allow them to possess you. It’s actually rather simple, just ask them to enter your body and write the answers. Don’t expect them to fully take over your life. This is not a Hollywood movie… In fact, you may not even notice the possession or it might feel minor. It often feels like a small bit of an opioid drug for me.

How these things manifest for you will be very personal to you and thus I cannot say definitively how it will happen. Just go with the experience. Demonic entities can “speak” to you through words, images, emotions, feelings, memories, thoughts, etc. So, just let whatever happens happen without judgement. As you progress, it’s also likely to change…

At this point, you know how to do this.

Again, I hope you enjoyed this video and learned a few things. Please share it with your friends, subscribe, and check out my blog for more information about evoking demons and other left hand path magickal topics…

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