Preparatory Immersion For Demon Summoning (VIDEO)

I just made a YouTube video about preparatory immersion for demon summoning. Check it out below. [And if you’re not able to watch, then just read the text below…]

I’m exploring making YouTube videos. I may make a few more, I may not. Leave a comment on YouTube and let me know what you think.

Preparatory Immersion For Demon Summoning

This is the text read in the video above.

Preparatory Immersion Is Key

Preparatory immersion is a huge key that many people overlook when summoning demons. In fact, if you’ve had problems with demon summoning, this is probably one of the big reasons.

And I understand the struggle of having wishy-washy results or not knowing if you’re even making a connection to a spirit. I used to struggle with this as well… until I began focusing on preparatory immersion.

Preparatory Immersion Puts You In Touch With The Current Of The Demon

The reason preparatory immersion is so important is that it allows you to get in contact with the current of the demon before summoning it. This begins the connection with the spirit, but it also helps your mind to focus on who the spirit is and what it is like.

Also, this process helps you to get clear on your goals, why you want them, what blocks you emotionally, and what things will look like once you’re successful. All of which is key to successful magick.

Preparatory Immersion = Clarity And Focus

As we know, much of magick is about honing your focus so that you’re more in tune with the goals at hand. But many people overlook being in tune with the entity they’re calling. And often, without a pre-existing relationship, it can be difficult to see much success summoning demons.

Likewise, if you don’t know much about the demon, calling them and asking for a favor can be a lot like asking someone you just met to marry you… feels like you skipped a few steps.

Get Ready To Take Notes

This doesn’t mean that all of your preparatory immersion must be correct or that it’s going to be exactly like the material you look through says it will be.

Pay attention, and feel free to take notes because this will change your magick if you’re not already doing preparatory immersion when preparing for demon summoning.

So, how do you get started with preparatory immersion?

It’s a pretty simple four step process:

1) Find Material About The Demon

First, find material about the demon you wish to summon. You can do this in books or by looking online. Simply study as much as you can about the entity so you get to know it, what kinds of things it does, what it’s like, what it looks like, what are its significances like colors, scents, etc.

This is not always as easy as it seems because there is often very little information about the spirit.

2) Meditate On The Information

Second, spend some time meditating on the information you found while studying it. If you’re an advanced practitioner, it doesn’t hurt to do a little pre summoning or to see if you can make a connection, but beginners should just focus on the information.

Consider: what does it look like? What does it sound like? What kinds of things does it do? How does it move? What is its role? What are its significances?

3) Meditate On Your Goals

Third, some some time meditating on the goal you wish it to accomplish. What will your life look like once it’s accomplished? What would you gain? How will this affect you? What, if anything, makes you hesitate when you think about this goal? What would you miss if you had it?

Think through the ramifications the best you can. It’s paramount that you know the good and bad, and are aware of what effects this magick will have on you so you don’t sabotage it on an unconscious level by having a split will. You must will this goal 100% or it’s highly likely to fail.

4) Prepare Your Materials

Fourth, prepare for the ritual by getting the items you need, or at least organizing them. Create the sigils.

Do everything you need to prepare. The more prepared you are, the easier it’ll be to perform the ritual.

Key = Get In Tune With The Current

Remember, the key of this whole process is to get yourself in tune with the current of the spirit and your will. The more in tune you are, the easier the magick will work in your life.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this.

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  1. Thanks so much for the video and the post. This is an oft over-looked part of good magical working. You did a great job outlining the essentials. Much appreciated!

    • Thank you for your kind words. 🙂 I agree it is often overlooked. Sometimes, it’s cool to see how close your gnosis can get to the experience without delving too deep in, but it’s often better to do some digging first.

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