Summoning Demons For Beginners: Mastering Evocation By EA Koetting

Looking for the perfect guide for summoning demons for beginners? Then, you’ll want to check out Mastering Evocation by EA Koetting. It’s like a how to summon demons for dummies guide, but in video format.

My Experience With Mastering Evocation By EA Koetting

As a kid, I did some evocation work with pagan deities. I had some success just kinda feeling them, but I was never really satisfied with that. So, when I first began the practice of summoning demons, I wanted to be more successful with it.

I scoured the internet and tried a ton of methodologies, but really just couldn’t get over the hurdle of getting the summoning to “work”. I wanted to be able to see the spirit and actually communicate with it, not just sorta feel like it was there. So, I looked and looked. I read a ton of things. I did everything I could not to buy EA Koetting’s program: I even watched all the videos on his YouTube channel!

Eventually, I realized that I probably wasn’t going to succeed unless I just let myself get the program. So, I finally did. And frankly, I loved it. It answered all of my questions and got me going down the path of evocation. I finally could see (with my astral vision) the entities I was summoning.

Will You Really Be Able To Summon Demons After Going Through The Mastering Evocation Course?

Short answer: yes. This course is really like a how to summon demons for dummies class. It spells out everything you need to know to have successful evocations. Long answer: evocation is a skill set you have to master. EA Koetting spells out literally all you need to know to actually master evocation in his course, but it really depends on your work ethic and how much time you spend working on the material. Just like reading a self-help book on how to have better relationships isn’t going to do much for you, if you don’t actually practice what EA teaches, you likely won’t get very far with the material. BUT if you do practice it, you will be able to evoke demons or angels or even the spirits of the dead quickly.

Sure, you could likely learn all of the stuff Koetting teaches in his course just studying the grimoires and books and websites, but it’s not guaranteed. Nor is it certain that you’ll come across the right material or not be led astray… Ironically for me, I was just missing one key piece that I hadn’t found anywhere else that stopped me from being able to evoke spirits and really communicate with them. And I’m rather erudite. So, it wasn’t for lack of study!

His course takes you by the hand and leads you from having next to no magickal experience to being a full fledged evocation master in just a few hours of video. You’ll probably have to watch some of the videos a few times and you’ll definitely have to work with the material for a few weeks or months (depending on your time availability).

In the Mastering Evocation Course, EA teaches you everything you need including what supplies you need to summon demons (or other entities); the theory behind his methods of evocation; how to evoke using fire, blood, water, or incense (he doesn’t spell this out, but it’s fire, earth, water, air); how to work with possession; how to do exorcisms; how to summon the dead; the mental states necessary for evocation–and some powerful exercises to get your mind into those states; and how to use evocation for divination. So, if you really want to master these skills, you’ll want the Mastering Evocation program.

The one negative thing I’d say about this program and all of the programs by EA that I have is that they are kind of slow burn at the beginning. I mean that they start out with him giving background information and his personal story. So, the nice thing is that the first two or three videos in each of his courses really only need to be watched once! The remaining videos have the meat of the course and really need multiple views. [As I’m working through his Mastering Soul Travel Course, I’ve watched videos four and five about 10 times a piece! The exercises he leads you through are exactly what you need to really master the skills of the occult.]

Isn’t EA Koetting Super Hypey And Salesy?

Some people gripe that EA is too sales focused and that he over hypes things. While I agree that he’s kind of sales focused and maybe uses a bit too heavy handed NLP, I disagree that he overhypes things. His material is awesome once you give it a chance. Initially, I was a bit skeptical too, which is one reason I did everything I could to not buy EA’s Mastering Evocation Course. I found out about him through people mocking him and calling him a charlatan. Ironically, it was fellow occultists, not atheists or Christians. And I’m glad these people attacked him: I’d probably never have heard of him otherwise!

These same type of people often think that spiritual information should just be given away for free. Many of them pirate things rather than actually paying for the information. They forget that the people writing books or teaching these courses often put a lot of time and effort into the material. They also forget that temple memberships are often very expensive. Training with private teachers is often very expensive. And frankly, your time is very expensive. You can always make more money, but it’s very difficult to make more time. Reducing your learning curve is a smart choice.

Can’t You Just Learn Evocation On Your Own?

Sure. You can learn anything on your own. The real questions to ask are how long will it take? What guarantee do you have that you’ll really master it? What will you miss out on in the meantime?

If you want to work on it yourself, there are many places to look for information. For instance, I have a couple of detailed guides on my site that can get you started (how to summon a demon, pathworking to summon a demon, automatic writing to summon a demon, preparatory immersion for demonic summoning, easiest demons to summon, blood magick for the left hand path).

But you’ll probably need more skills and information than that to actually succeed. Evocation or summoning is actually a rather difficult activity (at first) that takes some time, effort, and understanding of the process that’s much too long to fully spell out even in the most detailed of blog posts. It’s also very hard to convey the mental movements you need to make to really succeed at evocation in writing. In fact, the only way to really learn them is to have someone lead you through them in person or on video.

For this reason, I strongly suggest you check out EA Koetting’s Mastering Evocation Course for yourself. You may not find it’s for you, but at least you’ll know another avenue you have if you feel you need help learning evocation.

See if it’s for you by clicking here: EA Koetting Mastering Evocation Course.

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