A Simple Way To Dispel Psychic Attacks

While originally, I thought the idea of psychic attacks and people visiting you astrally was a fiction, I’ve experienced it. And it’s really irritating!

The first time it happened, I went to do a magick ritual and noticed an apparition about 10 feet to the right. It startled me. I asked it who it was and it told me a name, the name of someone I’d gotten into an argument with online. So, I decided to do something about it (this method!)

The most common cause is pissing off some ideologue somewhere online, who then wants to get into a pissing contest with you.

The first time this happened, I discovered a very simple (depending on your ability) method to get rid of these things.

As always, check your moral compass to see what, if any, qualms you have with my methods before using them! I clearly believe the best defense is a powerful offense to remind them of their offense and teach them a lesson!

The process is rather simple, but involves higher level skills like visualization, sending energy out of your body, and psychic vampirism–because frankly, if they’re attacking you, you might as well get something out of it. And it somewhat assumes you’ve raised your kundalini energy or are at least capable of it.

When you can see or feel someone psychically attacking you or particularly near you, do this:

Vampiric Energy Psychic Attack Defense

  1. Imagine there is a fire in your root chakra (potentially the Ascending Flame, depending on tradition).
  2. Build the fire up as many of your chakras as you can and see it as a red and silver fire that can spread infinitely, damaging only those who are attacking or visiting you currently by setting their energy body on fire and delivering you the energy from the combustion (and their pain if you wish).
  3. Send that fire energy out in circular waves at whatever rhythm feels right. I get pretty angry, so mine would be a little faster than one a second.
  4. See or imagine the fire waves going through objects and others without them noticing.
  5. See or imagine the fire waves hitting the people attacking you.
  6. As it does, notice the silver hints in the flames vampirize their energy, clean it, and deliver it to you instantly. Feel this power coming into your body.
  7. Notice the red flames burning their subtle energy body or soul or whatever you call it and bursting them into flames. Hear their pain, and notice as the fire cleanses their energy and delivers it to you.
  8. Burn them to ashes mercilessly.
  9. OPTIONAL: while burning offer them ALL of your vitriol towards them for this attack.
  10. OPTIONAL: enlist the help of a patron demon or one like Belial to further the effect. You can always summon them and offer them blood if you wish.
A good image of what this could look like in your astral vision or imagination.

I’ve only had to do this a few times, but it’s been very effective as these people seem to continue living, but disappear from my radar afterwards and the psychic energy gained is rather palpable.

In my mind, baneful magick should be done only as defense or as a last resort. Again, check your moral compass before deciding how to act.

And if you find this helpful, feel free to share the message by SHARING THIS PAGE with others. Do not copy this method without my written permission.

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