Dimensional Jumping Two Cups Method Experiment (VIDEO)

Dimensional jumping two cups method
Does dimensional jumping work? I tried the two cups method and wrote about it on my blog + made video of my experiment.

Is dimensional jumping real? Can you really shift spacetime–particularly the past? Can you really make the world different with something so simple as the two cups method? How would you know which methods for something like dimensional jumping even work?

In this post, I’m going to answer some of those questions. The latter is one I’m still contemplating. I suppose it is based on your metaphysics (beliefs about reality).

I just did an experiment with the two cups method of dimensional jumping. It was a rather fascinating experiment and immediately seemed to have had odd consequences (detailed below). I feel like something has changed, but I need to await further confirmation to truly know…

I put the video on YouTube, check it out here:

Dimensional Jumping Two Cups Method Experiment Video

Dimensional Jumping Two Cups Method Video by Frater Lucath

Theoretical Underpinnings Of Dimensional Jumping

Dimensional jumping is based off of the idea of the multiverse or the idea that there are many overlapping dimensions that cross all of spacetime. If that theory is accurate, then one could jump from one to another with relative ease, if they knew how. And ironically it would make Parmenides right: there really is no such thing as time, time is an illusion.

While there are many “success stories”, there are an equal amount of detractors who claim dimensional jumping to be impossible. Most stories that I read are dubious at best, nonsense most of the time, and at worst flat out lies or people completely deluding themselves. Unfortunately, this is pretty common across the board in magick and any type of new age thought…

And there are many people in the middle who claim dimensional jumping to only be possible with regards to future outcomes. These people argue that you can take information or knowledge from other dimensions and use it to adjust your life now either in a spiritual or completely secular manner. And of course, there are people who use a similar, but rather different method to do the Law of Attraction. There’s always a few of those folks hanging around…

Why Did I Do The Two Cups Method For Dimensional Jumping?

As you probably know, this is a bit of a change of pace for me. Spacetime magick isn’t the normal type of magick I practice. I usually do Draconian Magick or Luciferian Magick, both of which are based on personal development and evocation, or Chaos Magick, which is about the individual making changes in the future based on their own will affecting reality, usually explained with catastrophe theory or something like that. But after reading a book by Taylor Ellwood (Space/Time Magick), I’ve been interested in the topic, albeit from a distance.

Yet, like everyone, I have moments in my life I’m less than happy with. A few of these moments have had profound effects on my life and some affected me in ways I’m still unhappy with. An experience I think most people can relate to…

This morning, I was thinking about how an experience had affected my life in a way that’s been damaging to many things I cared about, even many months later. Then I came across the two cups method by accident, and knew I needed to at least see if it had any efficacy. My exact thoughts, “Why not? At nothing else, it’ll make a cool video for a magickal experiment.”

What Kind Of Magick Is Dimensional Jumping? Is It Magick?

I think dimensional jumping is a form of magick because I consider magick “change in accordance with one’s will” as Crowley and Carroll and many other authors do. You can disagree if you want to, but if not magick, I’m not sure what exactly you’d define this work as…

It appears to be a form of sympathetic magick or folk magick, but I’m not going to quibble about terms: so let’s just say low magick! This led me to believe that even if the two cups method couldn’t change time, it might be able to change how this experience affects my life to this day, which would be great. And worst case scenario, nothing at all would happen. Can’t hurt.

I’m not going to explain what exactly I did the magick for. You can contemplate this for yourself and speculate. It makes it more interesting to not know what it is, I think. But I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

The Two Cups Method Itself

The two cups method for dimensional jumping is a rather simple method that’s discussed in the video, but also on many Reddit posts. This is the earliest one I could find: Two Cups For Dimensional Jumping, but you can check out the subreddits here: https://www.reddit.com/r/DimensionJumping/ or https://www.reddit.com/r/DimensionalJumping/.

In short, you have two cups. You fill up one with water (the cup of what happened). You create labels of what the experience is and what you’d rather have (done). Then, you label them accordingly and contemplate the effects of the experience as it happened. Then, you take the cup of what happened and pour the water into the empty future cup, paying attention to what it’s like for the water to transfer. From what I read, this is all you should focus on: just the transfer itself. Then, you contemplate the world where this change has happened. Finally, you drink the water.

I’ve done a fair bit of spacetime magick with little success. So, I wasn’t expecting much, but I went into it with an open mind.

Immediate Responses

After doing this experiment, I felt the odd tingling sensations I usually do when magick works. I got a slight headache and felt a little disoriented like I had very low blood sugar. I feel like it worked.

Within five minutes of finishing, the maintenance guy knocked on my door with a maintenance request we hadn’t put in. Yesterday when I paid rent, I saw that request on the office desk from the people downstairs. That weirded me out pretty hard.

Within ten minutes of finishing, my neighbor did a passive aggressive act he does once daily on the people across the hall’s doors. Only, he already did this today about an hour before the experiment began. He gets mad at them for how loud they watch their TV. [They argue a lot in the hallway…] Yet, after this repeated act, he cranked his stereo so loud the entire building could hear it.

I’m excited to see where this goes. Will update this blog post in a few days or a week or two, depending on when I see serious results or not. But at the moment, pretty interesting stuff…

How Did This Affect My Life?

So, did this two cups experiment allow me to jump to a different dimension?

Not as far as I can tell. The event in question still happened. It did make some shifts in relation to the ramifications of this event, which was nice. There were some weird events that happened right afterwards (noted above), but otherwise, events happened that seemed to point to healing and personal growth.

All-in-all, it ended as pretty much every experiment I’ve done on retroactive magick (seeking changing the past, not what Taylor Ellwood teaches as “retroactive magick”, which is more like learning from the past) has ended: it makes shifts in the present moment, but doesn’t change the past. I’ve yet to discover a time machine or a full system of retroactive magick and I’m skeptical one exists. Though, if I figure one out and can remember it, I’ll be sure to let you know!


  1. Very Very Interesting everything from your video to the idea to actually try this out brother. I Work with the Old Ones and the only Way ive found to work with them is to understand they lay without what we perceive as time or existance(Present Universe). Thanks to high magick with Sphere workings on the tree of life And walking the Planetary Gates of the simon necronomicon, I came to understand the idea is quite simple, Imagine there are infinite YOU(S). Now then each you exists independently in a different plane or realm. The Concept works like this if you know where/when you desire to be or exist albeit for the period of time with which you are meditating or focusing on being there, You can place your consciousness into that vessel. This is alot like possession except YOU are the one possessing. Now then fill that vessel with your consciousness full at first just feeling not seeing then slowly start to allow colors to come to your mind then open your eyes while keeping your mind clear allow your form to be seen as if lookinginto a mirror before you. Totally absorb this feeling and sight maintaining a clear mind so as not to expel your consciousness out of this vessel.(this may take many many attempts, however do not quit) Now then imagine you are in a round not square room radiating with the colors that came to your mind before you allowed yourself to view the form or body you were in or inhabiting. you will want to get use to just doing this preliminary exercise over and over til you are solid in this vessel without any strain. Then you may begin to see an oval outline on the surrounding round space around you see it is a crack around a door that you had not seen before. The next thing to do is mentally say OPEN and watch it pull inward and a bright brilliant light that is blinding then your eyes begin to adjust and the light is just the right amount necessary to see clear and well. Allow what ever images or shapes signs beings etc appear there before you. This is the realm you have entered via a Sphere which is acting as a door way to anouther plane where one of your forms exist. COntinue as you would explore etc keep notes and draw whatever comes to you. HOWEVER ALWAYS return to this door and room and see the door close OUTWARD when you are finished viewing this realm so that you have returned to the center of your psyche. THIS IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT, NOTHING LIKE BEING LOST IN YOUR HEAD!Let your imagination be your guide as to where you can go what you can be anywhere at any time in any space. I Hope you like this exercise in it is one of my Notebooks i use to teach others how to expand their consciousness.

    • That is REALLY cool. I’m going to have to experiment with that method! Do you happen to have a video about it?

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