How to Summon a Demon

Ever wanted to know how to summon a demon?

Then, you’re not alone. A ton of people ask me this and ask about this on social media everyday.

Surprisingly to some, it’s really not that hard.

So, in this post, I’m going to explain how to summon a demon in the simplest possible way, but first, let’s discuss some of the difficulties of the historical methods for modern magicians.

Historical Methods

Probably the most popular go to for evoking demons are the methods in The Goetia and the Grimorium Verum.

Both of these books have a ton of history behind them, and many people have used their methods. And The Goetia even has an Enochian translation of the main evocation by Aleister Crowley.

Crowley and some other famous magicians have used this method. And it’s still one of the most popular ways that people who approach this book use to summon the demons in it. It’s also a major reason why more people who could summon demonic entities don’t and why so many people give up.

However, there’s are four big issues with it:

  • It’s cumbersome and difficult to memorize, making it hard to elicit the mental state needed to evoke. Thus, it’s almost better to have someone do the scrying part while you read the evocation. And in fact, this is how some temples that practice Goetic Magic do the evocations.
  • Doing magick in the old fashioned ceremonial way pretty much necessitates a room in your house where ALL you do is magick. I mean, are you really going to sacrifice a young goat and draw out that ridiculous snake with Hebrew letters on its flesh more than once? Or even once for that matter? Would you even draw it in chalk on the floor? And frankly where are you going to store all that stuff like crystal balls, altars, and tools, especially if you live in a small place? High ritual magick is something that historically has been done by the wealthy (or Catholic priests), so all of this makes sense; however, it’s rather unpractical and unrealistic for most people approaching magick in 2019. Become A Living God sells a cloth Circle of Solomon if you’d still like to use the older methods, I’d recommend you check it out (pictured below).
A cloth circle like this can simplify things.
  • The sigils need to be made out of metals. So, unless you’re a skilled metal worker, have the tools to engrave things in metal, or want to purchase pre-made sigils, but this is kind of an odd thought as it’s hard to tell what, if any, thought, care for timing, or occult force was put into making those trinkets. Likewise, the metals used may be hard to acquire, dangerous, or very cost prohibitive. For instance, some of the sigils should be made of”quicksilver”, i.e. mercury. Not only is this dangerous, it’s very hard to find, and unless you’re pretty good at chemistry and metallurgy, you’re probably not going to be able to get mercury to stabilize at room temperature…
  • Finally, the rituals as described in these books are Judeo-Christian in nature and thus demean and demand the presence of the spirits. While arguably (to some) this has its place, I, and many other demonologists and demonolators, find this not only unnecessary, but also unhelpful. While the demons may still arrive and work with you, it’s not because you demand they do. As far as I can tell from practicing this, they really aren’t threatened by your threats, the mythos binding them is Judeo-Christian (which as far as I can tell is a bastardization of the truth of spirituality–even the Qabalah/Kabbalah tells us this!), and it creates animosity in what could be a nice relationship.

Modern Methods

Evoking demons is easy with EA Koetting’s method.

I have quite a bit of a chaos magick influence into my magickal practice. And this shows in the way that I summon demons. Many modern magicians are in this camp. And the more experienced I get, the less ritual I need.

From a chaos-based perspective, all this focus on convoluted ritual is just one way of entering “gnosis” (Peter Carroll’s word for trance state). There are several other methods that would grant you access to the kind of mental states needed to do this work. So, it may be entirely unnecessary to do that much work as those states can be created in many other ways, including not doing anything at all (e.g. mind-silencing meditation or the death pose).

EA Koetting and Modern Evocation

EA Koetting performing an evocation.

Though I’ve evolved a bit since, I use the method EA Koetting teaches for evocation as a foundation. His method is rather simple, but requires some mental preparation. He refers to the state you need to get into as the Theta-Gamma Sync because in his mind, you need to have yourself into a deep trance (Theta brainwaves) while also being able to function in the world (Gamma brainwaves).

In a nutshell, all you need to do is setup candles, burn some strong incense, then use the sigil to enter the Theta-Gamma sync. The incense functions both as an offering and as a means for the spirit to materialize in this plane. There are many theories on this, but Koetting argues that the spirit can use the incense smoke as a thing to stabilize itself in this world. And with a little effort and practice, one can begin to see the spirit in the smoke with their astral vision.

Candle Setup

Candles can be setup in a wide variety of manners. Most people prefer to setup four candles around them to create a circle (square really, haha). But you could use five, seven, or eleven candles to do this. Many people like to lay out the four candles into a circle, then setup a candle triangle (base facing you) as space to evoke the spirit into. This is how The Goetia recommends to evoke the spirit, and according to the text (but others disagree, myself included) several spirits will lie to you or harm you unless compelled into the triangle.

How you set it up is entirely up to you. You could also use other shapes like a diamond, star, square, unicursal hexagram, six-sided star, seven pointed star, 11 pointed star, or triangle.

I’ve even done some evocations without candles/the magick circle, using only incense and had success with it. And as I’m still alive, clearly, there was no physical danger. (I used this method in my work with Lilith regularly.) No circle creates a deeper connection with the spirit.

And keep in mind that there may be some degree of protection to the circle. I find that the “protection” element is naive as if these entities have the power(s) we believe they do, then a puny circle of candles–even of salt–isn’t going to do much.

Drawing Sigils

Lucifer's sigil used for blood magick. Links to a page about using blood magick for the left hand path occult practitioner.
Lucifer’s sigil anointed with my blood.

Not always, but many demons have premade sigils in books referred to as “grimoires”. These sigils are different from the sigils you’d create for chaos magick. Though, for a spirit without a sigil, you could make one yourself; however, I’d use a more complex method than the chaos magick word method and I’d wait until you were further along in your magickal practice to do something like this as in my opinion, you’re better off without a sigil than with one that’s not a good connection or that connects you to something else entirely. Sigils are relatively new in magick practice (somewhere around the middle ages–but keep in mind that people have been practicing magick for millennia). And many magickal practices do not require them. And the ancients with their large temples didn’t use them.

You can simply draw the sigil on a piece of paper. I find notecards to be ideal as they are very sturdy, are the perfect size for a sigil on top, and have room for you to hold it on the bottom.

If you have the time and skill, it wouldn’t hurt to make a sigil out of metal. It’s just also unnecessary when you could just draw it.

You can draw the sigil with pen, use pastels or crayon, or even paint it. It’s ultimately up to you.

At this point, I do a lot of blood magick, but this is not necessary for success. And some people suggest that this deepens the connection between a person and a demon, which might be counterproductive for a first timer or a dabbler. It’s up to you. Small amounts of your blood–safely and easily attained with something like a diabetic lancet–can greatly add to the experience and power of the evocation, but again, is not necessary.


Some people like to lay out a circle of salt. They argue it’s either to deepen the protection element of the circle or that it holds the energy in. Many right hand path magicians and Wiccans swear by black salt for protection.

After a great deal of experimentation with different types of salt, including Pink Himalayan salt, I find this to be an unnecessary waste of salt and a pain to clean (especially if you have old hardwood floors with lots of cracks–it’s often easier to vacuum it up from carpet). But experiment with it yourself.


The best incenses to use for evocation are either a copal resin (Mayan Copal Resin is the best) or a dragon’s blood resin. You want to use a resin incense on a piece of charcoal. This will create the right amount of smoke. And after using this kind of incense, I doubt you’ll ever return to sticks or cones, which have the addition of wood or sawdust.

You could also use frankincense, myrrh, or a wide variety of other incenses. Tailor the incense you use to the type of ritual you’re doing. Copal resin is ideal for most, but if you’re doing Draconian work, go for dragon’s blood.

In the ritual, sit in the area you’d like to evoke in. Light the candles, burn the coal, and put the incense on it. And FYI, you really only need a small chunk of the coal, so you may want to break the coal into pieces. I like the bigger sized coal from Three Kings Brand as I break it into 6-8 pieces. This does make it harder to put the resin on, but you’ll get used to it. Those coals burn for a long time when fully lit… (Check out my article on doing magick on a budget for more on how to make these things last a long time…)

Theta-Gamma Sync

The most difficult part of all of this is entering the proper mind state in order to actually have the experience and getting your mind to STFU.

So, how do you enter the state?

Well, if you’ve done enough trance work, it’s rather simple: you just drop deeply into trance, then do the ritual while retaining the lowered state of consciousness.

If you’ve not done much trance work, this will be a skill you need to develop.

A simple way to enter a deep trance state is to practice methods that induce them. You could practice meditation or hypnosis, or just delve into some occult methods.

One I really like is Qliphotic Breathing or Shadow Breathing. What you need to do is imagine that as you breathe out, you’re breathing in, and as you breathe in, imagine you’re breathing out. This is a bit of mental gymnastics, at least at first. (But what of this isn’t?!?)

Putting It All Together

After this, it’s really just a matter of gazing into the sigil in or until the right mind state develops. Once in that state, you just need to chant and/or call the demon into your space. A popular chant is one of Koetting’s, “alash tad alash tal os tu”, which is pronounced pretty much as it’s spelled. The easiest way is to chant that over and over until you can begin to see the sigil change (this kind of happens naturally from staring at something for too long), then call the spirit like, “Lucifer come!” Repeating either as many times as needed.

At this point, you should be able to use this method to evoke a demon. But keep in mind that evocation is a higher level occult skill.

If you’re still a bit lost, it’s likely an issue of occult training or practice, and not just that it’s impossible or that you suck. And while you could step back and study low magick or chaos magick until you can develop the skills needed, this is very time intensive and you still may not develop the skills you really need to do this work.

I recommend you shortcut that process and that you look into EA Koetting’s Mastering Evocation Course. This course can drastically shortcut your learning curve and make all of this a lot more straightforward. I used his program–there’s no shame in it. In fact, investing in yourself is one of the best investments you can make.

So, if you’re lost, make sure to check it out. He describes the process from beginning to end and makes learning this into a step-by-step process.

Learn more about his program Mastering Evocation by clicking here to read my review. Trust me, it’ll change your life if you take it seriously.


  1. I find all of this to be very enlightening.. I have been learning from my spirit animal (the crow) who has already brought me to sigil magik. I wish to be contacted and helped to understand more, I can’t get enough education..

    • Glad to help you on your spiritual explorations. Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do what I can to answer or write a blog about it. 🙂

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