Serious Occultists Should Seriously Avoid Mugglebook

This is kind of a rant: I’ll own it.

But it’s my firm belief that serious students of the occult, especially those that are new, should for the most part avoid the occult pages on Facebook, or what a few of us refer to as Mugglebook. (Yes, it’s mostly a joke. I don’t even like Harry Potter all that much…)

Why do I say this?

Well, there are three reasons: 1) people on there are often full of it, and spew a bunch of under-researched information; 2) there is, ironically, a lot of Christian bias; and 3) that time could much better be spent studying from a trustworthy source or actually practicing yourself.

As you’re probably well aware, there is a ton of under-researched BS on the Internet and Facebook seems to be one of the most egregious places on this point. Honestly, how much nonsense do you see on there on a daily basis?

And to be completely honest, more often than not, I see complete n00bs (neophytes if you want to be pompous) asking questions and getting answers that are not that helpful or people just wasting everyone’s time by asking questions about things they’re not really interested in exploring, but rather just seeing things like “why would people work with demonic entities?”

And the answers are often just as bad. If you’re curious about this, just go into one of the many magick groups on Facebook and ask about working The Goetia. The answers are usually hilariously bad as well as frustrating to anyone who has actually worked with these systems.

If you’re a serious student, little of this material is worthwhile. And honestly, the vast majority of questions asked on these groups could be solved with a little research by reading a good book or even just Googling it. I know he’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but E.A. Koetting has a jam-packed YouTube pageĀ that covers so much about left hand path magick, it’s crazy. Sure, there are some sales messages in there, but his info is often pretty spot on (and I hope you’re smart enough to make your own decisions about what to buy when… otherwise, will would be a good thing to work on!) And VK Jehannum has explored SO many entities in depth, it’s just nuts.

Next, it’s just plain ludicrous how many people are involved in magick that have this thought “demons = evil.”

I wonder why more of them have not looked into the definition of the word demonize… It literally means to make something seem evil.

I also wonder why so many of them are stuck in Judeo-Christian thinking. I mean, let’s be real: a witch is a witch is a witch. And while we can split hairs and say things like Jesus was a witch (egregore is probably more likely), most Christians don’t really see a difference between LHP and RHP magick.

Also, if you’re into creating change in the world, that’s black magick. Pure and simple. (Unless your sole definition of black magick is baneful magick…)

And of course, the most obvious reason to stay off of Mugglebook is that it’s a huge time suck. Sure, we all need a break, but honestly, how much of a break is Facebook? [And if you engage in debates or irk people, you may open yourself up for psychic attack.]

That time could very likely be better utilized by focusing on studying or practicing magick. Sure, it’s great to socialize, but think about priorities: have you moved yourself closer to your goals? Are you improving one of the many skill areas of magick? Are you ascending at the rater you want to?

And by all means, take breaks when you need them.

But remember that one of the areas of magickal growth is becoming better at your chosen current and the necessary skills, which let’s face it are rather encompassing and maybe a lifelong practice. This means you need to practice often.

And finally, there are forums where many more serious practitioners actually hang out and reply. For instance, the Become A Living God Forum. Questions here generally get more serious answers…

So, what do you think?

I offered you my opinion: do you agree or disagree? And how does that affect your “magickal bottomline”? Are you improving in your skills or just wasting time on those groups?

Only you can decide how to live your life: choose wisely.

I know I’ll be here, using the time I’d spend on Mugglebook writing these blog posts–much better use of my time!

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