Sigil Magick Works!

As you’ve probably discovered if you read this blog regularly, I’m a big fan of transparency and experimenting with magick. These are also the major reasons that I wanted to blog about magick. So, in that vein, this is a follow-up to a previous post that I did about sigil magick.

How Sigil Magick Works

Back in February 2019, I wrote a blog post here called Sigil Magick For The Chaos Mage. In that post, I discuss how to use sigil magick in the Chaos Magick tradition, mostly through the work of Austin Osman Spare. This post covers the basic process: create a desired outcome, write said desired outcome down, remove any repeating letters, use the letters to create a picture, then, charge the picture with (sexual) energy. (Sexual energy is frankly the easiest and most written about, but not the only way to charge a sigil.) It’s one of the most simple and powerful ways to practice magick.

In that post, I also created and charged a sigil to gain 100 readers a month. (You can see it above in this article.) I made this sigil as an example, but also to genuinely help my blog to succeed as well. Many authors think you should get rid of your sigils immediately after doing sigil magick, but I’m with Taylor Ellwood on this, and think that there’s often good reasons to keep them around. The major thing is to make sure that you’ve lost attachment to the need to make the sigil work. It’s kind of like the a watched pot never boils homily… Non-attachment, non-disinterest is the key.

And sometimes, letting other people charge them with their energy is very helpful. In a certain sense, corporate logos are sigils…

Results Of My Sigil Magick

As of today (June 26th, 2019–well, the 27th now because it’s late, ha!), I’ve had 3,814 users visit my site. This is pretty great for a new site! (I’ve only been posting since January.) Here’s a picture of the stats. As you can see, I reached my goal by the end of February.

The massive spike in April is when my post on pathworking was shared by a popular magickian on a Facebook group they post on regularly… Viral content!

For clarity’s sake, this is just February’s stats (from the 5th on):

As you can see, I hit the goal that month. And really, it’s kind of a small goal when you think about it. I wasn’t really expecting to pull 1000s of new visitors every month! I really didn’t expect that many people to care about my posts or for my SEO to be very effective right away as I’ve only had moderate (read: mediocre) success with it in the past–and usually after a ton of work!

Magick + Mundane Efforts = Amazing Success!

As I’ve spoken of before (and will hammer home in some future blog posts), I think it’s imperative to pair magickal work with mundane efforts. Many budding magickians think that the spirits or the magickal ritual does all the work, but really, the work helps to foster greater possibilities for actualizing your goals. Magick mostly stacks the deck. Sometimes, it gives you a royal flush on the first hand, but often it gives you a pair of 8s when everyone else is holding a pair of 6s or an Ace high. In other words, magick helps you to increase the possibilities of getting what you want. I’m not convinced you can just have whatever you want without the mundane effort backing it, and frankly, I’ve seen little evidence to suggest that things work that way… For instance, the most financially successful magickian I can think of, EA Koetting, is also one of the most salesy people I know. He has really great content sometimes, but damn, some of his stuff is like a dark arts infomercial…

So, as I did this sigil magick for 100 readers a month working, I also focused on SEO–and just on-page SEO focused on good content centered around relevant keywords: I do not spam links to my site–to raise my site views. I have been lucky enough to have some people share my posts in big Facebook groups, but I haven’t done so myself. I do post links on Tumblr and Pinterest, but they only bring in a tiny percentage of my traffic.

And while I believe my SEO methods are very successful, before I did the sigil magick working, my traffic was just a trickle… I literally had two people visit my website in the first two months I had it up. And one of them was likely me. There’s of course a ghost town lull when you first start a site, but as you can see, the traffic pretty immediately started to grow after my sigil magick working and steadily increased from there. (The picture below ends on February 5th, the one above starts on the 5th.) The first month, literally no one saw my website.

So, if you’d like to learn more about using sigil magick, checkout this blog post I wrote about it months ago: Sigil Magick For The Chaos Mage. I highly recommend sigil magick. I have practiced it for years and seen very great results with it. Like all things in life, it’s a practice with greater successes and spectacular failures. So, remember to wed the magick to your mundane actions.

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