Lilith Blood Moon Demon Sigil T-Shirt

Blood moon Lilith demon sigil t-shirt

As you probably know at this point, I really love Lilith and Lilith symbolism like the Cave of Lilith. So, it’s probably not that surprising that I made another Lilith shirt based on an idea that popped into my head during ritual…

Blood moon Lilith demon sigil t-shirt

Lilith, The Moon, and Lunar Cycles

As you may know, Lilith is often thought of as associated with the moon because many feminine entities, but particularly those that are related to feminine sexuality (and thus menstrual cycles), are lunar in nature. Though she’s often thought of as being associated with the waxing or waning moon, I thought a blood moon was apt for her associations with blood and the implications of a lunar eclipse.

Lunar eclipses are interesting because they are a situation in which all the phases of the moon happen in one evening during an otherwise full moon period. They also represent new beginnings (and thus the “death” of something), often bring something completely unexpected, and are generally highly emotional times. This is rather similar to Lilith who is a seductress that seduces people toward knowledge, lust, and power. She is an opener of paths, but particularly the dark side as she’s the guide through the qliphoth and each successive level. And working with her is an emotional experience to say the least…

Lilith, Astrologically Speaking

Astrologically, Lilith is the lunar apogee, the side of the moon the furthest from the Earth at any given moment, “the dark side of the moon”. This is likely because of her association with the darker aspects of the moon. And as an astrological sign, she represents the parts ourselves, particularly sexual, that we repress coming to the surface. While this may seem like a bad thing, it’s one of many pieces of shadow work that’s necessary for our personal growth and wholeness.

For instance, I have Lilith in Gemini, which means that I’m inclined to seduce through words and my intellect, and frankly can be quite the playboy. If I repress that, I’m inclined to express it in the worst ways and to find myself flirting with people I shouldn’t just because I can. It can (and has) led me to troubling experiences like flirting with other people’s dates and enjoying pissing them off with it or seducing people I’m not actually interested in… The power trip can be rather entertaining and gratifying to me. Yet, when I express this element of myself by expressing my intellect and having a partner that appreciates my intellect and wordplay, I am much happier and less inclined to bad behavior.

I believe there is good reason to believe that lunar eclipses give Lilith time to come out and play… maybe even make it through a whole cycle of expression. And it seems like they are a chance to begin anew, hopefully having grown from the experiences of the past and maturing into someone who can handle the darker sides of themselves.

I hope you like the shirt! Make sure to grab yourself one on Amazon.

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