My Favorite Lilith T-Shirt

I designed this shirt a year ago as the first or second occult t-shirt I made for Amazon Merch. And frankly, it’s still my favorite. I’ve made some pretty cool shirts, even Goetic demons popping out of their sigils, but they weren’t nearly as popular or special to me.

I didn’t know if it would do very well, but it’s actually the best selling shirt I have ever created–probably because it’s rather unique. I was also working with Lilith at the time, so maybe that has added to its sales. I felt I could hear and feel her presence while I was designing it.

I Think Lilith Loves It Too

I know that when I work with Lilith, I usually sell 1-3 of them… In fact, I did a ritual to her on 2/7/19, then sold one on 2/8/19.

I love synchronicity of magick, so thought people might be curious of proof. [I asked her for help with my incessant nightmares of late. Result: nightmares with odd sexual overtones. So, might be better to ask another entity like Hecate for help with nightmares…]

Lilith + Enochian Letters?

There are plenty of shirts representing Lilith, but there are few with Enochian letters. And even fewer that have a color scheme that is based on different shades of menstrual blood. I think this is the most symbolic of the t-shirts I’ve ever designed.

And while Lilith isn’t a typical Enochian entity, she fits in with the group rather well if you’ve worked with her or those “angels”…

I also made a Lucifer shirt with Enochian letters, but it was taken down by Amazon because no one bought it. Though, the Lucifer Enochian Popsocket I created is rather popular.

So, if you’d like a cool Lilith t-shirt, I hope you check out my Enochian Lilith T-shirt. And if you do, leave a review to let me know what you think! The only other review is sad because the person could have gotten a refund or replacement if they’d only just reached out to Amazon! [Amazon is a business almost solely focused on customer satisfaction, I’m not sure why this person felt the need to do that…]

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