New Belial Demon Sigil T-Shirt

I recently created a new Belial demon sigil t-shirt after working with Belial in ritual (i.e. I summoned him). It’s very simple and just his mouth replaced with the Belial sigil, but it’s a pretty cool design.

While working with him on some money magick (which I’ll likely detail in a future post), he gave me the idea, and I jumped onto my computer and made it before I went to bed.

While it may seem kind of odd to some that a demon could give you an idea, this is one of the major things they do! I find myself inspired by demons more often than not.

Of course, he ran me in circles and made dad jokes, but that’s how he rolls. He’s a great demon to work with, though not always the easiest. Definitely the punniest for sure.

I think many of the people that have problems working with him aren’t prepared for his joking nature or the way he runs people in circles. He is very powerful and pretty much all of the workings I’ve done with him have been successful. Though like many demons, he doesn’t always do things exactly as you ask, but he’ll deliver something pretty soon afterwards.

And if you think the shirts are cool, check them out on Amazon by clicking the pictures above. You may even decide you want one today.


  1. I am Baron in Ghana in west Africa. How can one sell his soul for money? Asking becos l have tried several rituals but nothing is working. It all started four years ago when business collapsed suddenly leaving me highly in debts.l am homeless. I have tried several times finding any occult group to join to get out of this situation but ended up in wrong hands. I gave up and started reading occult books, performing several rituals but nothing came out. What should l do?l am still homeless with wife and kids .

    • Baron, from what you’re saying, I’m imagining you’re doing rituals to bring in more money or to have these issues fixed. I don’t think magick works that way. At least I haven’t seen it work that way… From what I can tell, the path is more about becoming greater as a person, not so much these spiritual entities fixing things. This can involve change and shifts. Sometimes, we like these shifts; sometimes, they suck a lot.

      I also don’t think you can sell your soul, nor do I think a demon would “buy” it. No offense to your soul, I just don’t think they buy anyone’s soul. If I were you, I’d work with entities to help you to find a way out like to develop new skills, to find new opportunities, to find a good job (at least temporary), to find affordable housing, to find ways to lower the debt, etc. I have much more success with that kind of thing. A few workings you could do are Lucifer (to illuminate the situation + a way out), Hecate (to develop greater magick), Belial (maybe — to be own master), or Set (build a new “kingdom”). I don’t know much about your situation, but keep in mind Crowley says magick is “the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will”. Sometimes, ritual is helpful, but sometimes so is a change in mindset, an avoidance of specific ideologies, study/school, doing things you don’t like, etc.

      There are people who disagree with me, however. Not many, but some. So, you may find success with their methods. One that pops into my mind is the Magickal Cash Book by Damon Brand (

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