No Jesus, Know Peace

A new shirt designed by yours truly…

Featuring the most obvious way to think about the old homily, “Know/No Jesus, Know/No Peace”: NO Jesus, KNOW peace.

We all know that Christianity has induced its fair share of blood shed and is anything but a religion of peace: the Crusades, abortion clinic bombings, and denial basic freedoms for people who they disagree with, for example LGBT people, are three big examples of places the religion has been less than peaceful…

But in my mind, the major way this shirt is accurate is that Christianity encourages you to stop thinking critically and to setup mental traps for yourself. Without that stuff, it gets much easier to think clearly and thus have more peace.

I love that people are free to join and celebrate whatever religion they want to–even Christianity–in the United States. It’s a beautiful thing, but so is the ability to disagree with other people and their religion. And in fairness, Christians do have interesting and peaceful aspects of their religion like The Lord’s Prayer, which is a great prayer for mental peace.

The First Amendment is cool!

This is why The Satanic Temple is able to get their monuments put into public buildings all over the US: if one religion is celebrated, all that wish to be must be able to be celebrated.

Isn’t it about time to pick up one of these shirts today to exercise your freedom of religion?

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