Sigil Magick Works!

June 26, 2019 fraterlucath 0

As you’ve probably discovered if you read this blog regularly, I’m a big fan of transparency and experimenting with magick. These are also the major reasons that I wanted to blog about magick. So, in that vein, this is a follow-up to a previous post that I did about sigil magick. How Sigil Magick Works […]

Reality Tunneling: Why You Need To Reality Tunnel

February 9, 2019 fraterlucath 2

Reality tunneling is an obscure idea from an obscure author few people have heard of. I don’t hope to change that with this one blog post, but I hope that I can help you to realize why you need to start doing this ideological exploration as a magickian and a human being. What Is Reality […]

Sigil Magick For The Chaos Mage

February 5, 2019 fraterlucath 4

Sigil magick is a rather powerful, but simple form of magick invented by Austin Osman Spare, but popularized by Peter Carroll in the book Liber Null and Psychonaut. The basic method is to create a solid will for something (this means to be 100% congruent with it happening, desiring it to happen, and being ready to do whatever […]

What Is Chaos Magick?

February 5, 2019 fraterlucath 4

Many people foolishly think that chaos magick means you should just “do whatever works” or that “everyone is different”. Like any random thing will work for magickal practice… This is a mistaken way of looking at this practice. Chaos Magick = Many Approaches To Magick, Not Everything Works Rather, the key is that there are […]