Automatic Writing For Demonic Summoning (VIDEO)

March 22, 2019 fraterlucath 2

I just posted a video explaining how to do automatic writing for demonic summoning. It’s a fairly straightforward video, but if you’re unable to watch it, feel free to read the text below the video as it’s pretty much what I say in the video (I ad-libbed some lines and added a little more information). […]

The easiest way to summon a demon: pathworking

Easiest Way To Summon A Demon: Pathworking!

March 12, 2019 fraterlucath 9

What’s the easiest way to summon a demon? Pathworking. Though it’s not without it’s quirks, pathworking is far easier than most methods of summoning. But what is pathworking? How does it work? How do you go about using pathworking to easily summon demons? What are some good books to explore pathworking for demonic summoning? Can […]

The 9 Easiest Demons To Summon

February 24, 2019 fraterlucath 13

“Who are the easiest demons to summon?” is a question I see a lot on social media and on Quora. This is a rather difficult question to answer as it greatly depends on you and your personality. For instance, Lilith and Archne/Sepheranz are patron deities (I consider demons to be divine, so these terms are […]

How to Summon a Demon

January 22, 2019 fraterlucath 15

Ever wanted to know how to summon a demon? Then, you’re not alone. A ton of people ask me this and ask about this on social media everyday. Surprisingly to some, it’s really not that hard. So, in this post, I’m going to explain how to summon a demon in the simplest possible way, but […]