Mind State Training For The Occult

May 9, 2019 fraterlucath 9

Mind state training is one of those topics that many budding magickians overlook. Ironically, it’s probably the most important part of magickal training because mind state is a foundational skill for pretty much all occult practice. So, I made a short video to help people to practice getting into a certain mental state (read below […]

Who Am I? What’s the Point?

January 15, 2019 fraterlucath 0

I’d like to take a moment to discuss who I am, why I’m setting up this blog, and what I hope to accomplish with it. I’m Frater Lucath, a male in his early 30s who practices LHP magick. I’ve explored a wide variety of magickal systems, but I resonate the most with chaos magick and […]