The 9 Easiest Demons To Summon

February 24, 2019 fraterlucath 11

“Who are the easiest demons to summon?” is a question I see a lot on social media and on Quora. This is a rather difficult question to answer as it greatly depends on you and your personality. For instance, Lilith and Archne/Sepheranz are patron deities (I consider demons to be divine, so these terms are […]

Serious Occultists Should Seriously Avoid Mugglebook

January 16, 2019 fraterlucath 1

This is kind of a rant: I’ll own it. But it’s my firm belief that serious students of the occult, especially those that are new, should for the most part avoid the occult pages on Facebook, or what a few of us refer to as Mugglebook. (Yes, it’s mostly a joke. I don’t even like […]